Cindy Phan

Other Creative Things

A mix of illustrations, videos, and other creative endeavors


A stop-animation about bringing life to the lifeless, and the journey from being a single entity to part of a connected group. With some origami magic. Made with my friend Jessica when we were bored over the Christmas season.

Below are images of a makeshift camera rig built out of cardboard, tape, a clothes rack, and some creative thinking.

Baron of Baking.

The story about the man behind Baron Baking, Dan Graf. Dan is an artisanal bagel creator whose bagels have been featured in Wired Magazine and the New York Times.

Made by: Andrew Ellis, Noah Perry, Cindy Phan

Purified Mind, Purified View

Inspired by a day-long meditation retreat I attended with friends, I created this image to encompass a phrase I heard that stuck with me.

Oakland: New Urban Eating

A dear friend wrote and created a part ethnography and part cookbook of recipes from Oakland restaurants and residents, asking them all - "What will Oakland look like in 10 years?." I helped him create a video for his Kickstarter, illustrations, and production support.


I came across the word "orenda," an Iroquoian word meaning "a mystical force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world." This inspired me to create Mr. Blob, a creative adventurer who travels the world attempting to bring out the 'orenda' in all of us to celebrate life.

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